When school is out, Discovery Lab is in! Enjoy learning and fun at Discovery Lab. Discovery Lab offers camps and camp kits throughout the year to engage and educate children from pre-k to 6th grade. Fun, hands-on activities focus on health and wellness, and science content, such as chemistry, engineering, and technology.

For additional information, please contact Discovery Lab at 539-664-5557 or reservations@discoverylab.org.

Fall Break Camp

Storm Science: Water, Weather, and More!

October 11 – 15 | 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Ages 6-8

Create a cloud, engineer a flood dam, and chase a storm! Campers will have the chance to learn about how water and weather affects our everyday lives. A surprise meteorologist will also make an appearance! You won’t want to miss this wacky weather week!

Discover…at Your Own Pace Camp Kits

Our Self-Paced Discovery Camp Kits include a specialized supply kit that, along with some readily available household supplies, provides five engaging activities with step-by-step instructions and some video content. Complete these camps in one week or one month – the choice is yours!

A limited number of kits are available for each camp. To purchase a kit, contact awaetjen@discoverylab.org.

chemical reactions

Chemical Reactions


Members: $121.50

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Survivor Island


Members: $121.50

Discover…at Home Activities

These do-it-yourself camps are available at no cost and utilize typical household materials.

Download the full PDF of educational materials that include step-by-step instructions, as well as helpful video links, by clicking the button below.

Cost: Free


Wacky Weather

Learn More

With these wacky weather activities, children will explore what makes a thunderstorm, understand climate and build a rain gauge. To track the speed of wind, they will make an anemometer and also be able to describe the principles of light by crafting a homemade spectroscope. These Oklahoma kids will also be able to understand weather patterns and how tornados form in this truly informative camp!


Engineer It

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Children will explore which materials and shapes are best suited for buildings to withstand high winds, like those from thunderstorms or tornados. Students will create catapults, paint pendulums, and egg-stronauts − all while learning the basics of mechanical engineering concepts such as potential and kinetic energy, stability, linear velocity, and controlling variables.


Earth Science

Learn More

These activities will provide an opportunity for kids to learn about our earth. They will explore the relationship between the Earth and the sun by tracking shadows and create a raincloud simulator. They will be able to identify that the shape of the land and the pull of gravity both influence how water moves over Earth. Children will gain familiarity with the scientific process of collecting specimens from nature and studying the effects of sunlight on the specimens they collect.


Chemistry Matters

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Students will perform chemistry experiments while learning about the different states of matter, physical and chemical reactions, and acids and bases. Some of the fun experiments include Oobleck, Dancing Popcorn, and mini Lava Lamps!

Spring Break Camps

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Summer Camps

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  • To purchase a Self-Paced Camp Kit, contact awaetjen@discoverylab.org.
  • If you are enrolling multiple children in the same camp, you will need to register each child separately, at the full price of the camp. Spaces are limited and each individual camper fills one camp space.


Do I need to provide my own supplies for camps?

  • For the Discover at Home activities, all materials are readily available at home.
  • For the Self-paced camp kits, a camp kit is provided with specialty items to be used along with a list of materials needed from home.

Kit pick up will be at Discovery Lab and times will be emailed with camp confirmation.  Home delivery in Tulsa County is available at an additional fee. Contact reservations@discoverylab.org for any questions regarding camp kit pickup.

Virtual Camps | Discover through Zoom

What type of technology do I need for virtual camp?

  • You will need an internet connection and any device that can host a Zoom call, including a smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, or Chromebook. A camera and microphone should be built into these devices.
  • If you haven’t already created a Zoom account, you will need to do so for many of our camps. Zoom accounts are simple to set up and are no charge to you.


How long is a virtual camp session?

  • For the Zoom-In to Discovery and Tech Camp sessions, each camp day will include a morning session with a Discovery Lab educator for science content foundation and an opening activity. Each day will also close with a virtual session where campers can ask questions, show off their work and reflect on what they explored that day.
  • Zoom-In to Discovery Camp calls will typically last 30 minutes for each session.
  • Tech Camp: Bot Coding calls will last 1 hour for each session.


What precautions have been taken to make sure the video platform for virtual camp is secure?

We password protect our meetings. We authenticate users and utilize a Wait Room so users cannot join before the host. Once a session has begun, meetings can be locked.  We can disable the ability for meeting attendees to share their screens. Participants may be removed if they do not follow digital citizenship guidelines.


Will parents have to be present and actively involved during the virtual camp session?

Parents will just need to help campers log on and assemble requested materials to have available before the camp session begins.


As camp spaces and kits are limited, camp registrations will be non-refundable and non-transferable.