Discovery Lab provides unique learning experiences, exhibits, and programming for children ages middle school and younger, their parents, caregivers, and teachers. Discovery Lab’s hands-on, multidisciplinary approach emphasizes cognitive and process skills while extending and enriching classroom curriculum and Oklahoma Academic Standards to build on children’s interests and strengths and help prepare them for the future. All exhibits and learning experiences engage visitors in process skills, including creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, and communication and collaboration. In addition, Discovery Lab is committed to the integration of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), in exhibits and experiences. Best practices embed these concepts and principles into exhibits and programs encouraging children to connect and reconnect arts and sciences in ways that make learning engaging, challenging, and fun.

A Discovery Lab original, featuring tunnels and a 30-foot slide made entirely of packing tape. The innovative design, using principles of suspension bridge engineering, was developed by our staff—led by our resident physicist and executive director, Ray Vandiver, Ph.D. There are six layers of tape in each tunnel adding up to over 16 miles of tape! Kids of all ages love navigating the tunnels and bridges, and are inspired by them to create their own extraordinary things out of ordinary materials.

Inspired by TapeScape in Mankato, Minnesota. 

CIRCUS! travels all the way from the Ontario Science Centre to Tulsa! Guests will be transported to the wondrous world of the circus, exploring behind the scenes to see where the extraordinary and science meet. During your visit, you will learn how animals communicate, explore mysterious smells of the spectacle, and laugh at the effects of clown entertainment. Throughout your experience, dress up in the costume area, show off your feats of strength, and practice your skills as a circus performer. Take a closer peek at what is going on behind the entertainment and the enjoyment while expanding your creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Physics and human capabilities collide in many of the CIRCUS! acts. Circus performers are always applying knowledge and practice of balance, flexibility and human biology. By trying your hand at the balance bar, elastic acrobatics, and high wire components of CIRCUS!, you can experience the real-life techniques of a circus performer.


**To walk the high-wire, visitors must be wearing close-toed shoes (sneakers) or  sandals with ankle straps. Flip-flops are not permitted for this attraction.

Move It!: An active and surprising exhibition that is always in motion, is inspired by fun kinesthetic experiences and classic physics concepts that come together in ways that delight visitors of all ages.

The Move It! exhibits will help visitors build processing skills critical to today’s world—creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. Experience weightlessness with pulley chairs, explore the properties of gravity, motion, and trajectory with orbital tables, and create beautiful mathematical works of art with pendulums.

Currently in the workshop is Sun, Earth, Universe! Experiment with infrared and ultraviolet lights that scientists use to detect outer space phenomena otherwise unseen by the human eye, design and construct your own spacecraft, and learn the topography of other planets in our solar system! Sun, Earth, Universe! will take your family on a journey through space!


An area in the main hall has been designed especially for our youngest Discovery Lab visitors supporting developmentally-based sensory play with a variety of hands-on activities, including blocks, tubes, books, and gravity and balance activities. Appropriate for children on their tummies, crawling, pre-walking and walking, the toddler area at Discovery Lab is a safe and inspirational space dedicated to small children and their families.